State          Capital                                                       Population

 AL      Montgomery                4,849,377

 Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon.


AK      Juneau                         736,732

 Nearly one-third of Alaska lies within the Arctic Circle.


AZ       Phoenix                     6,731,484

The world's largest solar telescope is located at Kitts Peak National Observatory in the city of Sells.


AR      Little Rock                2,966,369

Famous singer Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland.


CA      Sacramento             38,802,500

More turkeys are raised in California than in any other state in the United States.


CO      Denver                      5,355,866

Hundreds of thousands of valentines are re-mailed each year from Loveland.


CT       Hartford                   3,596,677

In Hartford, you may not, under any circumstances, cross the street walking on your hands!


DE      Dover                        935,614

Delaware is the only state without any National Park System units such as national parks, seashores, historic sites, battlefields, memorials, and monuments.

FL       Tallahassee              19,893,297

Orlando attracts more visitors than any other amusement park destination in the United States.

GA      Atlanta                     10,097,343

Historic Saint Marys Georgia is the second oldest city in the nation

HI       Honolulu                    1,419,561

Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.


ID        Boise                      1,634,464

Shelley has been the home of the Idaho Annual Spud Day since 1927.


IL        Springfield               12,880,580

The world's first Skyscraper was built in Chicago, 1885.


IN       Indianapolis              6,596,855

Marcella Gruelle of Indianapolis created the Raggedy Ann doll in 1914.


IA        Des Moines               1,634,464

Quaker Oats, in Cedar Rapids, is the largest cereal company in the world.


KS       Topeka                      2,904,021

Dodge City is the windiest city in the United States.


KY       Frankford                   4,413,457

The Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held horse race in the country. It is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville on the first Saturday in May.

LA       Baton Rouge              4,649,676

Louisiana is the only state in the union that does not have counties. Its political subdivisions are called parishes.


ME      Augusta                       1,330,089

90% of the country's toothpick supply is produced in Maine


MD     Annapolis                   5,976,407

The first dental school in the United States opened at the University of Maryland.


MA     Boston                       6,745,408

Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897

MI       Lansing                   9,909,877

Detroit is known as the car capital of the world.


MN     St Paul                      5,457,173

The Mall of America in Bloomington is the size of 78 football fields --- 9.5 million square feet.


MS      Jackson                     2,994,079

In 1963 the University of Mississippi Medical Center accomplished the world's first human lung transplant and, on January 23, 1964, Dr. James D. Hardy performed the world's first heart transplant surgery.

MO     Jefferson City         6,063,589

Kansas City has more miles of freeway per capita than any metro area with more than 1 million residents.


MT      Helena                      1,023,579

No state has as many different species of mammals as Montana.


NE      Lincoln                      1,881,503

Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental U.S.


NV      Carson City             2,839,099

In Death Valley, the Kangaroo Rat can live its entire life without drinking a drop of liquid.


NH     Concord                    1,326,813

The first free public library in the United States was established at Peterborough in 1833.

NJ    Trenton                    8,938,175

New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the diner capital of the world.

NM     Santa Fe                   2,085,572

Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the United States at 7,000 feet above sea level.

NY      Albany                      19,746,227

The first presentation of 3D films before a paying audience took place at Manhattan's Astor Theater on June 10, 1915.



NC      Raleigh                     9,943,964

High Point is known as the Furniture Capital of the World.


ND      Bismark                    739,482

The town of Rugby is the geographical center of North America. A rock obelisk about 15 feet tall, flanked by poles flying the United States and Canadian flags marks the location.


OH      Columbus                 11,594,163

Cleveland boasts America's first traffic light. It began on Aug. 5, 1914.


OK      Oklahoma City       3,878,051

An Oklahoman, Sylvan Goldman, invented the first shopping cart.


OR      Salem                      3,970,239

Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.


PA       Harrisburg              12,787,209

Pennsylvania is the first state of the fifty United States to list their web site URL on a license plate

RI        Providence               1.055,173

Rhode Island is known for making silverware and fine jewelry.


SC       Columbia                 4,832,482

The first battle of the Civil War took place at Fort Sumter.


SD       Pierre                        853,175

The faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are sculpted into Mount Rushmore the world's greatest mountain carving

TN      Nashville                 6,549,352

Bristol is known as the Birthplace of Country Music.


TX      AUSTIN                 26,956,958

Texas is the only state to have the flags of 6 different nations fly over it. They are: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.


UT      Salt Lake City         2,942,902

Levan, is "navel" spelled backwards. It is so named because it is in the middle of Utah.


VT      Montpelier               626,562

Vermont's largest employer isn't Ben and Jerry's, it's IBM.


VA      Richmond                8,326,289

The first peanuts grown in the United States were grown in Virginia.

WA     Olympia                   7,061,530

Washington state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.


WV     Charleston               1,850,326

West Virginia has the oldest population of any state. The median age is 40.


WI       Madison                    5,757,564

The first Ringling Brothers Circus was staged in Baraboo in 1884.


WY     Cheyenne                 584,153

Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote.


District of Columbia         658,893